Welcome to the Green Room of Oka !

Our Oka store is now open to the general public. Come and discover our large varieties of Flowers, Hashish, Concentrates and various edible THC products. The store is open 7 days a week and our team of experts is always there to guide and advise you in the choice of our cannabis products.

The Green Room Team


With one of the largest inventories in Quebec and new arrivals every week and unbeatable prices, the Green Room in Oka is the destination in Quebec for the purchase of cannabis products.


Cannabis Infused

Pastrie cannabis is a natural and healthy alternative to smoking your favorite herb. It is a blend of hash oil and cannabis flower that gives you the feeling of smoking without the harmful effects of traditional joints.

Our cannabis-infused pastries are created with the love of cooking in mind and are made from the finest ingredients and infused with our best oils.


Cannabis candy treats

Indulge in a tasty cannabis candy treat with these unique cannabis infused goodies.

With a variety of marijuana-infused desserts, there’s a sweet for everyone!

Choose from chocolate bars, brownies, jelly beans, donuts, and more.

With so many varieties of these delectable treats, you’ll be sure to find something you love.


Cannabis beverages

Cannabis drinks are a new trend in the drink industry. Cannabis drinks, also known as pot-infused edibles, are available in a variety of flavors and for a variety of occasions.

Our recreational cannabis consumers are becoming increasingly interested in cannabis drinks, as we offer an alternative to smoking and to the highly regulated edibles market.


Love of roasting

Our cannabis-infused coffee are created with the love of roasting in mind and are made from the finest ingredients and infused with our best oils.

They allow you to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without smoking it.


The Oka Green Room is located on rue Saint-Michel in Oka and is open to the general public (18 years old and over) and provides you with car service. Open 7 days a week, our in-store team (dispensary) is there to welcome and advise you.

Our Oka Shop

442 Rue Saint Michel, Oka
QC, J0N 1E0, Canada

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First the customer service is outstanding! Second let's talk about the huge selection of strains available on site!! Simply amazing, I tried their harlequins and blue chemo and it's awesome!! Also they have great deals on edibles, got some gummies and they were great too!! They have the whole line of fantoms extract as well and great selection of vapes. I really enjoy my visit there and guaranteed I'm going back!!
Happy Customer
I loved coming here. You can find all your weed needs here. Also, you can buy weed and smoke on the terrace with a group of friends. The people here are very friendly and welcoming. You can even buy a little weed plant to bring home! Come take a drive to the green room in Oka and have a drink with a joint.You won't be disappointed. !! 😜 🤩
Happy Customer
Really nice service, Nice people,good price and quality! Saint-Michel road is full of dispensary, but green room is the best spot so far! You also have a private spot to room your joint and enjoy with your people !! I Will definetly travel 40min again and again ❤️
Happy Customer
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